High Performing Teams (HPT)


High performing teams


At HaRtisans, we help our client organisations turning the principles of high performance teamwork into practice. Organisations need not only to acquire and deploy the best talent but assure that teams work effectively.

We use well recognised and strong diagnostic tools to identify teams’ focus development areas:

  • Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) allows leaders to see how their individuals, groups, departments are interacting
  • Climate and culture diagnostic instruments
  • Facilitated focus groups.

Once identified the status quo, the obstacles to high team performance and the levers to improve it, we work with the team to raise their own team awareness and to come up with their own sustainable solutions.  Specifically, we use facilitated group systems’ coaching sessions to work on HPTs levers:

High performing teams

  • Common purpose and goals: mission, vision and strategy
  • Clear and effective roles
  • Adequate processes
  • Excellent Communication and solid relations

Well designed and conducted team interventions prove to have a definite impact on team effectiveness and hence on team and organisation performance.

Leadership Development

We support the development of leaders thought the design and execution of solid, customised leadership development programs.
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Talent Management Consulting

We provide advice and consultancy on how to best manage talent in organisations provided their goals, needs and circumstances.
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HPT – High Performing Teams

At HaRtisans, we help our client organizations diagnose and improve their teams contributing to the construction of high performing teams.
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ONA – Organizational Network Analysis

Organizational network analysis is the study of how individuals (and groups) interact and relate to each other
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